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Hello, I'm Bhagirthi Jhamb

I am a web developer who is passionate about building engaging web applications. I have been developing web for over 2 years now and I enjoy crafting immersive experiences through code. Going ahead I want to make full-stack applications that are accessible and provide a great user experience.

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My Portfolio

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React | Firebase | Javascript | Sass | HTML5

Exercise Tracker

A full stack app that allows users to create profiles and create exercise logs..

  • Used React library for the front-end
  • NodeJS for creating Rest API for the back-end
  • CRUD operations for interacting with the API
  • Used MongoDB as the database
Chat Box app picture
React | Firebase | Javascript | Sass | HTML5

Chat Box 👦🏻👧🏻

A chat app that connects you with your friends in real time. I was always fascinated by the logic behind the common chat applications, so I created one myself.

  • Firebase for Database
  • User can create a username
  • User can create chat groups
  • Delete messages and groups
  • Local Storage of browser used to persist the user
Create Party app picture
React | Router | Firebase | Javascript | Sass

Love in the Time of Allergies

A react application that allows users to create guests with dietary restrictions and then create parties by searching recipes for selected guests.

  • An agency-style group React application
  • Developed in collaboration with Patrick Sherrard, Matthew Sen and Emma Walden.
  • Create guests with dietary restrictions
  • Create parties with guests
  • Search recipes from Spoonacular API
Dress n Style app picture
JQuery | Javascript | Sass | HTML5

Dress n Style

An e-commerce application with a fully functional shopping cart.

  • Add items to the cart
  • Increase / decrease items in the cart
  • Remove items from the cart
  • Clear cart
Budget App picture
Javascript | CSS3 | HTML5

Budget App

A budget calculator developed using vanilla JavaScript module system.

  • Add income and expenses
  • Calculates total money made, money spent and budget
  • Tells you what percentage are your expenses of your income

More Projects

Recipe App picture

Recipe App

Meme Generator App picture

Meme Generator

To-do List App picture

To-do List

Pig Game picture

Pig Game

Drawing App picture

Drawing App

Snake Game picture

Snake Game

Weather App picture

Weather App

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My Blog

I like to write about what I learn. Checkout my Medium posts...

13 April, 2020
JavaScript has evolved from a Dynamically Typed to...

The variable’s data type is the JavaScript scripting engine’s interpretation of the type of data that variable is currently holding. A string variable holds a string, a number variable holds a number value, and so on....

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21 April, 2020
Spread Operator — ES6 features-Part-1

In JavaScript ES6 has brought with it some really interesting features that has added expressive power to the language. Even though these tools allow us to perform some common operations, they are worth ...

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